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One Stop 3D Printer Shop

3D Printer Company

One Stop 3D Printer Shop, is an e commerce 3D printing company located in Canada that seeks out the best and most popular 3d printers for our customers. We are committed to providing a secure store where you can get affordable 3D printers, 3D scanners and various filaments for your 3D printing needs.  We try to bring the most reliable and community supported 3D printing products to our customers.  We value customer service and hope to create supportive relationships with our clients.


3D Printer Cost

As the demand for printers increases the 3d printer's cost will inevitably come down. We are working to ensure that our 3D printer prices meet consumer demands so that more people can experience this innovative process.  From desktop printers that are designed for kids, to  do it yourself 3D printer kits, we provide printers for various curious and adventurous home users.  We are building an online store that wants to bring the most amazing printers to our customers at a low cost. 

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