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BIBO 3D Printer with Laser Engraving and WiFi

  • $1,585.00

BIBO 3D Printer  is a solid, well reviewed 3D printer that has a built in laser engraver.   It has WIFI connect ability as well as a touch screen.  It's built in platform moves up and down giving it stable and accurate printing. This printer has dual extruder which allows for 2 colours to be printed at once, it also has a unique feature which is called "copy printing" that allows both extruders to print at the same time, which cuts down the printing time.

The BIBO printer also has a big printing size at: 214mm x 186mm and 160 mm and it uses ABS, PLA, Wood, Bronze and Nylon filaments.  The bed is made from glass which allows for easier removal of the printed object.  The printer is also enclosed with removable doors which allows the chamber to retain it's heat.

Technical Specifications: 

  • If there is a problem with the power and it goes off the BIBO can continue to print once it is turned back on.
  •  Supports WIFI ,USB ,SD card or U disk Direct printing
  • Control the printer anywhere with wifi using your  PC or Smartphone.
  • Demountable Glass Heated plate
  •  Automatic Control Cooling Fan 
  • Removable and enclosed cover

Here is a video of this great printer in action:

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