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Sunhokey Sun Scan 3D Scanner - One Stop 3D Printer Shop

  • $1,000.00

The Sunhokey Sun Scan 3D Scanner is a high precision scanner with a plate that is 200 mm in diameter, it can scan items that are 250 mm in height. The Sun-scan Desktop 3D Scanner creates a digital 3D model of a physical object by taking a rapid sequence of pictures as the object rotates on the Sun-scan turntable. The scanner has two laser rays and a camera that extracts the outline of the object.  The scanner software then receives the laser ray photos, these photos create a 3D image that can later be modified.  

This scanner comes with Sun Scan Software and supports Window XP and Windows 7.

Technical Specifications:


1) Dual laser scanning to compensate the dead corner;

2) High-density scan, a single laser 800 outline, dual laser 1600 contour;

3) Dual bright LED lighting, textures and more realistic;

4) Multi-angle stitching, make up less than scanning the broken surface;

5) Measurement function, facilitate the analysis of measurement;



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