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About Us


What is a 3D Printer?

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing refers to a process of adding material layer by layer to create and synthesize a three-dimensional object.  It is a relatively new way to make complicated objects at a fraction of the price.  Now smaller consumer printers are bringing additive manufacturing to homes and businesses which gives everyone an opportunity to make their own objects.  This technology is currently being applied to a variety fields including art, healthcare, architecture and so much more.

My Interest in 3D Printing

I first became interested in the 3D printer about 3 years ago when I saw some very cool applications of the printer.  As an artist I am always looking for new ways to create work and I love the potential that 3D printing allows.  I loved it so much that I decided to open my own store so that I could learn more about the industry and sell something that I feel is important and that will create a positive adjunct to our lives.

At One Stop 3D Printer Shop we want to create an easy and informative shopping experience for our customers. We have done some thorough research and we have decided to supply only the best 3D printers and Do It Yourself 3D printer Kits available in the market in 2016.  

Since opening our store we have sold a lot of printers and we have a variety of customers are interested in making cool and interesting products.  


Image of people using 3d Printer


Our brands will increase or decrease depending on the performance of each 3D printer.  We have consultants and researchers who provide up to date information on each selected model.    When choosing our products we consider printing speed, reliability and value.   Our manufacturers are constantly developing new 3D printers to meet your business or personal needs.  We are happy to be in the forefront of providing exceptional printers that can create interesting and useful three dimensional products. 







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