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The Ciclop 3D scanner is a 100% open source project. All information on the mechanical design, the electronics and the software have been made freely available to the community.

Ciclop should solely be used with desktop 3D scanners and in no way compares industrial standard scanners.  For best results scan mostly cylindrical objects, it is less suitable for irregular or complex objects. When using this scanner ensure that there is plenty of light available. 

As this is an open source scanner, you can search on line and communicate with others and we will try our best to provide you support, this scanner is always improving upon itself.

Technical Specifications:

  • Precision: 0.5 mm.
  • Plastic parts colour: white.
  • Scanning time (configurable): 2-8 min.
  • Steps per rotation: 1600 max.
  • Scan volume: (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm.
  • Maximum supported weight: 3 Kg.
  • Horus 3d scanning software.

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